“MAGIA”on Vimeo :)

“MAGIA”  is available on Vimeo  :)))



One Guitar Woma Orchestra official video clip of the album MER MAUDITE

Music by Malena Sardi

Directed by Natalia Sardi

Perfomed by Isael Cruz Mata

Photography and grading by Bastien Genoux

Choreography by Natalia Sardi and collaboration of Isael Cruz Mata

Editing by Thomas Turine

Camera assistant: Lin de Kanel

Material: DETOURS Films, Switzerland

Music Mastering by Dan Suter, Echochamber

Produced by Voodoo Girl Records, Switzerland, 2018


Léonard Luisier, Enrique Sardi,Maria Eugenia Morcillo,Melanie Luisier, Sandra Sabino, Ruth Rubin, Jêrome Richer, Barabara Luisier, Léo Maillard, Janique Fort, Maurice Luisier, Ellen Luisier, Dominique Dardant, Julieta Cal, Yohana Ruffiner, Daniel Wyss, Fabienne Berger, Marc Dutrepont, Rolland Westreich, Amina Djahnine, Frédéricque Cleve, Lynn Van Bree, Jean-Nicolas Dafflon, Alexandra Madera, Chloë Lombard, Jano Mateluna, Judith Maquil, Xavier Munger, Sebastiàn Mopardo, François Georges, Nora Alberdi Perez, Joran Dartevelle, Jef Philips, Théâtre de la Balsamine, Théâtre la Bavette Monthey, Cosipie asbl.

©One Guitar Woman Orchestra – Malena Sardi
Album MER MAUDITE, 2018 Voodoo Girl Records


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