-Actress/writer – Brussels may 2017 in :
/ Mariano Pensotti -Workshop creation  Organised by CIFAS in collaboration with Kunstenfestivaldesarts and La Bellone.

“Eleven years ago, Mariano Pensotti was invited for the very first time at Kunstenfestivaldesarts with the urban intervention “La Marea”. In that piece nine scenes which looked like ordinary life situations were performed by actors in different spots of Rue de Flandre while projected subtitles revealed hidden stories of the characters. Through the projected texts the audience had access to the thoughts of the characters but also to their past, present circumstances and even their future. It was a sort of movie made live, the audience being the eye of the camera.”

“Mariano Pensotti proposes to revisit his piece “La marea” in the frame of a workshop.
Same place, 11 years later.

The participants were  invited to develop their own new scenes taking the concept of “La Marea” as a starting point. Working as playwriters, directors and performers at the same time, the participants will create a collective piece where scenes will intertwine with one another.”

-Actress/Singer – Brussels 2011/12/13 in:

”88 Constellations” musical theater, directed by Thomas Turine, Halles de Schaerbeek, Theatre de La Balsamine

“An ensemble of musicians performs a score based on the map of constellations in our starry sky. Propelled into the vastness of space, these musicians confront a range of disturbances that strike to the heart of their relationships. It’s as if fragments of the myths projected in these constellations interfere with them, within them, and highlight certain aspects of their memories.”

-Actress- Brussels, june 3rd 2012 in:

“Musings on war and other contemporary domestic mirages” / Workshop creation
 with director Juan Navarro organised by OFFestival 2012 edition.
“It occurs to me to physically work on unlived experiences, as none of my generation in Western Europe experienced a real war, although there were conceptual wars which nurtured our ideals , but nobody saw a bombing, no one saw his family die in a shootout, no one was in a concentration camp … it occurs to me to fantasize about the not experienced in the art of war, to create a pure physical context, without political or moral speculation. A puzzle of physical experiences about the war, that will sustain in a banal or at least not dramatic way , all insignificant themes and aspects of our domestic life, about our privacy, which is really the only thing that concerns us.These fragments between intimacy and imagination of those places of violence not experienced, will be confirmed as a stage work after a week of work. I think the scenario does not mean anything until it reaches the public’s presence.A scenic building workshop involves a space where all who participate (including me), can be exposed generously to certain ideas or proposals with unlikely or unpredictable results. In short, the scenario is just that, making the imagined likely .”

-Actress – Brussels from 21th may untill 25th may, 2011.

“Fiction and reality”, a theater working process through personal objects , by the director Federico Léon. Workshop creation organised by the CIFAS in collaboration with the Kunstenfestivaldesarts and La Bellone.

“Explore the past as a museum piece. Become a museum. Theatre as the museum of a singular life.”

-Actress -Brussels, 29, 30 & 31 october  2008 in:

“Théâtre” -Texte et mise en scène de Clément Laloy – LA COMPILOTHÈQUE