Delivery Performance is an improvisation project created by Natalia Sardi & Laida Aldaz Arrieta. Dance, music and other elements come together with the same aim to transform a private non scenical space in a stage. With the private space we specically mean your home. We want to transform your house through a performance by
giving you a new view of the space that you inhabit every day, keeping the intimacy of it.

Delivery Performance takes form depending on the place that people offer us. The improvisation performance is affected by the form, Light, objets, history…. That belongs to the place. Our goal of this project is to bring an artistic expresion to people in a particular way, through the concept of sending and delivering.

For more details please, contact us at this e-mail adress: delivery.cie@gmail.com57130_137362779648887_5484077_o

Delivery Performance is part of a “DanscetrumJette On TOUR” catalogue

About Delivery Cie

Natalia Sardi and Laida Aldaz Arrieta started this work with the creation of a research laboratory about space, with improvisation as a technique for composition. We created short pieces based in the relationship between bodies and space. The way space changes when a body moves in it, the way context affects the movement and how all this influences the instantaneous composition are the bases of our work. To all those elements we added , the voice, the manipulation of objects that became part of therelationship body-space in the pieces, music, installation, video….After a long period of research, we decided to change the dance studio for a non-scenically place. Is this way, the concept of the Delivery Performance and the shortmovie “Derrière Elle” were born.


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