“VECINAS” invited at Stuttgart

“VECINAS” will be part of the screening of “DANCE ON SCREEN FESTIVAL TOUR” at Stuttgart, Germany, on march 19th.


“DANCE ON SCREEN” goes to Germany!
We are invited by the 21. Internationale Solo Tanz Teather Festival Stuttgart!
Sunday 19th March 2017,
Rotebühlplatz 28, Stuttgart”

Vinicius Cardoso “Crushing weight”
Justine Berthillot & Frédéri Vernier “Sur ton dos”
Aliki Chiotaki “60 pulses”
Filomena Rusciano “Liquid path”
Valentina Moar “DanceMe Reininghaus”
Stella Fotiadi “Whispers and wishes”
Galen Bremer “Know you”
Natalia Sardi “Vecinas”


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