88 Constellations

“88 Constellations” #1,
Performance at Les Halles de Schaerbeek on 27th of november 2010.
This is a Work in progress.
The “Première” will be on 12th of March 2013, at Balsamine Theater.

88C is a scenic and musical transposition of stars constellations and their mythologies.

Concept, composition and direction : Thomas Turine
Space : Marilyne Grimmer
Lights : Julie Petit-Etienne
Assistant:Roxane Lefèvbre

Singers : Eunice Arias, Aveline Monnoyer, Natalia Sardi, Fabien Dehasseler
Flutes: Frédérique Beuzon, Alice Boscq, Barbara Malter Terrada
Bass Clarinet : Yann Lecollaire
Drums : Christophe Lagnaux
Altos : Song-A Mun, Julie Vermeulen
Trumpet: Ludovic Bouteligier
Guitar : Clément Nourry

Production: Le Corbeau Siffleur Pie
Production Manager: Gaetan Vandeplas
Coproducers: Cie Mossoux-Bonté, Vrac-L’escaut

Image : Lou Vernin, Rachel Simoni

12 > 16th March 2013
88 Constellations, Creation.
Théâtre de la Balsamine, Brussels, Belgium.


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